Self-Storage in Jakarta

GudangBang provides monthly self-storage rental service + security guarantee for your personal needs.

Self-storage is a crucial thing when we want to renovate our homes, move houses, or move apartments. Because during these processes, we want our goods such as tables, chairs, televisions, and other home appliances in safe condition.

Self-storage is a solution to put and store household items. Self-storage to store our belongings must certainly guarantee our security. Thus, we cannot carelessly put our things, e.g. on friends, neighbours, especially on strangers.

If we store goods in a place that does not guarantee a sense of security, there may be deliberate or intentional damage. Worse yet, the loss of any item can happen.

GudangBang – The Storage Solution for Your Personal Needs

GudangBang as a provider of professional self-storage can provide a sense of security for your needs immediately.

The access to the self-storage managed by GudangBang is very limited and layered. Not anyone can enter the self-storage and even our tenants are still accompanied by our officers when putting and taking the goods.

So, you can feel safe and comfortable when storing goods through self-storage rental services from GudangBang.

Monthly Self-Storage Rental starts from the bedroom size

GudangBang provides monthly self-storage rental services with detailed rental prices as follow:

Small Size Self-Storage

Medium size self-storage

(Promo ends 30 November 2017) Rent a Free Self-Storage!

GudangBang seeks to add value to customers continuously. Therefore, for customers who rent self-storage in the long term (six months), GudangBang provides free rental on the sixth month.

A free self-storage rental in the sixth month can be obtained by our customers by meeting this one and only term and condition:

>> Rent a minimum of 6 months pay in advance, then the sixth month’s rent is free.

Other facilities

Currently, the self-storage location managed by GudangBang is located at Jalan Karang Bolong Raya 4, Pademangan, Ancol, North Jakarta.

This strategic location, close to Wiyoto Wiyono Toll Road and West Ancol Gate, make our customers easy to access our self-storage.

In addition to the strategic location, GudangBang provides porter service to facilitate you to put your goods in the self-storage worth Rp 50.000,00 / person.

Immediately rent the self-storage

So, satisfy your urgent need to find a self-storage in Jakarta now!

Please click here to make your self-storage rental. If there are still things you want to ask, please send questions to [email protected]

With respect,

PT Gudang Bang Indonesia

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